Practical contents

Practical session 1: Preparation of endoscopic equipment. Practical session 1
Practical session 2: Use of angulation controls and valves. Suction. Air / water instillation. Practical session 2
Practical session 3: Use of forceps: biopsy forceps, grasping forceps, Roth net retriever. Practical session 3
Practical session 4: Basic instrument cleaning. Practical session 4
Practical session 5: Endoscopic technical learning in porcine animal model (pig stomach). Orientation. Biopsy sampling. Retrieving foreign bodies. Practical session 5
Practical session 6: Performance of endoscopic exploration in anesthesized animals. Biopsy sampling. Practical session 6
Practical session 7: Discussion on practical cases (see Clinical cases section). Practical session 7 (Cases)



Explorations in healthy animals

1. Esophagoscopy in a wealthy dog

2. Gastroscopy in a wealthy dog

3. Colonoscopy in a wealthy dog


Practical sessions

4. Mounting of equipment

5. Use of the buttons

6. Use of angulation controls

7. Insertion of forceps through the working channel

8. Biopsy forceps: Open-close positions

9. Biopsy sampling in a dog

10. Grasping forceps (crocodile type)

11. Roth net retriever

12. Grasping snare (3 hooks)

13. Cleaning the endoscope tip

14. Practical use of a pig stomach

15. Practising biopsy sampling in the pig model

16. Retrieving objects from the pig stomach

17. Endoscopic practical session


Double balloon endoscopy (DBE)

18. Double balloon system

19. Jejunum exploration

20. Submucosal tattoo marking

21. Flouroscopy

22. Pig intestinal model


Clinical cases

24. Gastric adenocarcinoma

25. Idiopathic colitis

26. Lymphangiectasia 1

27. Lymphangiectasia 2

28. Foreign body retrieval

29. Foreign body retrieval 2

20. Colonic carcinoma (lesion)

30. Colonic carcinoma 2 (length)

31. Colonic carcinoma 3 (rest of colon free of lesions)

32. Lymphoplasmacytic enteritis