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A. Learning evaluation

Evaluation tools

Evaluation criteria

Weighting factor

Classroom questions

Commitment in practical sessions

Attention and comprehension
Individual involvement

50 %
30 %

20 %


B. Students’ evaluation

Continuous evaluation will be performed by assessing students’ attendance to theoretical and practical lectures. Questions in classes will be frequent, in order to get feed-back on the learning achievements of the students. In this way, questions will be included in power point presentations by means of Educlick system, with wireless remote controls to allow response of the students to multiple choice questions. The answers are analyzed by the system, and the results are graphically available. Specialized seminars will be offered to initiate students in research activities and to up their grades.

Copyright 2008, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource. Evaluation. (2012, March 09). Retrieved February 21, 2018, from Portal de contenidos y cursos abiertos y gratuitos de la Universidad de Murcia Web site: Esta obra se publica bajo una licencia Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License